Who are we?

Before Spend Matters and MetalMiner became preeminent sites in their respective markets, the founders ran successful consultancies. But as the sites grew to such a level where not pursuing these efforts with a full-time focus would have been to deny a chance to carve out high-growth niches in the market for information and insight, the original team scaled back on their professional services work.

Now, with a greatly expanded organization with additional team members and a broader portfolio of sites and talent to draw on, Spend Matters and MetalMiner are once again providing highly specialized knowledge and services to clients.

If you’re looking for a pyramid model or consultants to live on-site with you, then we’re probably not the best fit for your needs. We bring targeted insight that we apply to solving specific challenges whether it takes a single day of expert time or a long-term study or engagement to getting the right answer.

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We’re often told that we begin engagements where others in the consulting industry
wrap up because we have:

  • Been on all sides of the market
  • Run companies (and bought and sold them), consulting practices and marketing

  • Covered technology as experts and sat across the aisle influencing analysts
  • Sold software and services—and bought them too
  • Advised some of the most senior executives in the world on emerging software
    and services trends

  • Dug trenches alongside developers, architects, and pre-revenue start-ups, helping
    to articulate and explain breakthrough products and concepts to business and
    technical audiences

But we don’t dwell on our credentials or past successes. Our priority is to develop
strategies and programs that combine expertise, rational arguments, and deep
research, directly alongside our clients.

Consultants only make a lasting impact when they’re relevant – and know when to
get in and when to get out.


We customize our offerings to individual client needs within a pre-defined set of
. When we’re the right team for the project, anything is possible.

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