Solution Provider
Strategy/Strategic Marketing

All too often, technology and services companies separate
strategy from marketing.

Strategy and marketing, in our eyes, are intrinsically linked.
Spend Matters Group serves to define a company’s overall
mission, vision, and purpose in the market. We use a combination of
scenario planning and revised traditional approaches to help
clients build positioning and strategy for both competitive
and emerging market environments.

  • Collaborative workshops that help to build executive
    alignment around positioning and strategy to resonate in
    rapidly evolving markets

  • Studies and expert consultation on new market entrance,
    go-to-market, product launch, industry analysis, channel
    strategy, and pricing

If you’re engaged in defining new strategies, developing
partnerships and alliances, exploring new market geographies,
or prioritizing investment dollars, we can help you re-think and
navigate your industry’s trajectory.

No one can accurately predict the future. But you can effectively
plan for it. And we can be a driving force in helping you get there.

Content and Thought Leadership

Content can influence. It can change perceptions. It can build
deeper relationships with customers and generate new leads.

But there’s an ugly truth: in most software and professional
services organizations, content is dry and monotonous. It’s
inadequately constructed, poorly reasoned, and rarely deployed

Spend Matters Group works with executive teams and marketing
organizations to develop content and thought leadership with a
point of view that defies “corporate speak” and conveys an actual
message, telling the market that they need to be talking to you.

From product positioning to thought campaigns designed to
change the basis of competition, Spend Matters Group develops
tangible content. We don’t just help you sell to the market. We
help you influence it.

Our services range from the essential (whitepapers, executive
briefings and case studies) to the opinionated and witty (blogs —
including both private-label blogs and guest contributions under
our own names — and video). Spend Matters Group can provide these
services turn-key or offer individual elements as required.

Questions? Contact us.